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Comedy Roast of a Clown 18   Friday Jul 31   $10

Comedy Roast of a Clown 18

RoastSF is back with another heart stopping, fall-to-the-floor laughing, no-jokes barred comedy roast. Join us as we come together to mock this months guest of honor and each other. You’ve seen the comedy roasts on TV, and online, now it’s time to see one live! Drinking encouraged, sensitivity…. is not. This month it's: Comedy Roast of a Clown. Our guest of honor Nebula was born with a white face, red nose, and annoying horn in her hand. With constant opportunities for prancing around in costumes, painting faces, and making adult balloon animals: a clown’s job never ends. Oh yea, don’t be fooled by Nebula’s big shoes, they’re just compensating for her tiny ambitions. The dais won’t be clowning around at this roast as they toss verbal pies all night. So hide your children and grab your pepper spray because…. well, clowns are creepy. This Month’s Dirty Dais: Pete O’Keefe Cheryl White Star Zagofsky Terrell Butler Jeremy Talamantes Ash Fisher Jesús U Bettawork Ron Bullock Event Details: Friday - July 31st - Pappy’s Grill & Sports Bar - 2367 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley 7:30 Doors / 8:00 Show - 18+ #ClownRoast

When: Friday Jul 31

Where: 2367 Telegraph Avenue Berkeley CA

Admission: $10


Contact: RoastSF,, 203-260-7498

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